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The Weather Channel by Matthew Augier Sun 30 October 2011, 18:02
Please note that the TWC plugin will cease in the next few days - this is due to The Weather Channel changing the way the API works, and making it a commercial product with a monthly fee to use it.

Forum Move by Matthew Augier Wed 19 October 2011, 06:26
Just a minor FYI - We have a new company server and as such the LCDC site and forums have now been moved to it. If you notice any strange or weird problems please let me know asap.

Forum Registration Open Again by Matthew Augier Wed 8 June 2011, 20:58
Due to masses amount of spam and spam sign ups I took the decision to stop new registrations. This has now been removed and I've added some additional checks to try and get spam levels down (

Server Upgrade by Matthew Augier Tue 3 November 2009, 09:11
Please note that there may be some disruption from the 7th-14th November due to a server upgrade.

Forum Upgrade by Matthew Augier Wed 21 October 2009, 09:25
Updated the board software from version 2 to 3 today, let me know if you have any issues!

Dps Ltd. Release New Website by Matthew Augier Mon 10 August 2009, 13:00
DPS Ltd. are please to annouce a new website-, where you can create your own home inventory contents list. This means you are better prepared to insure your home, and better prepared in case of disaster. The website is currently in a BETA status and all feedback is welcome! [url=""][/url]

Printfetti - Your Photos On Confetti! by Matthew Augier Wed 8 April 2009, 15:25
Not so much of an LCDC news item, but my wife has started a new website in the UK called Printfetti. This is a UK service to produce customised confetti in a range of shapes with your photographs on them - check out her site at [url=""][/url] :)

[url=""]Printfetti - Your photos on confetti, press release[/url]


Server Downtime by Matthew Augier Thu 18 December 2008, 23:01
Sorry for the loss of service the evening, but I had some disk issues last night which meant that the disk needed replacing. Thankfully they have cloned the failing disk and all looks good! Otherwise the downtime would of been much longer...

Alive! by Matthew Augier Mon 3 November 2008, 09:23
Not much news to post to be honest, but yet another board software upgrade, and I've done a mass prune to delete all the spam bots that have signed up. If you have signed up but never posted, then I'm sorry but your account has probably been wiped :( please feel free to sign up again!

Board Upgrade by Matthew Augier Tue 24 June 2008, 11:24
FYI just upgraded the board to the latest version.


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