Text definition screen

The text definiton screen allows you to see all the variables availble to display from LCDC itself and all Plugins currently loaded. These are all displayed in a tree format (much like Windows Explorer) allowing you to expand items till you find the data you are after.

When you click on a valid item (there can be no more items to expand) then across the top it says "Double click to insert [variable]=XX", in the example above I have selected the "System information", from that I selected the "CPU" options, followed by the "Speed" and "ProcessorName". LCDC takes the first 3 letters of each heading and generates a unique ID (e.g. SysCPUPro is selected above and to turn it into a LCDC variable it is prefixed with "[#$" and sufixed with "]"). Providing everything is OK LCDC will do a live calculation on this and show the current result from this operation, in this case "22", and if your happy with that, you can double click that option to insert it into my "text" at the current cursor point. The screen has 4 sections :

  • Varaibles: The variables available to you, double click to expand or colapse a branch, and also to insert a calue into your Text.
  • Text: The text to display on the line selected from the screen builder. This is the text that LCDC will use to calculate what to actually display on the screen real time.
  • Conversion example: Ths is a conversion of your Text into what will really be displayed within the bounds of waht can be displayed (e..g graphs can not be show as a perfect representation). This also has the text current converted length shown, so you can work out if you want to scroll or centre the line.
  • : Cancel any changes made to Text and return to the screen builder
  • : Accept the new changes made to Text and return to the screen builder setting the line correctly.