Test mode

The test mode enabled you to send commands to you display and make sure it is all working correctly.

If you have selected the correct settings then hopefully the "Log" should should show "Connection to COMX was successful", if this failed for any reason then the chances are that the Com port is the wrong one. In this case use the "Back" option at the top of the screen to go back and alter you settings.

Okay, so we have a connection, but hold on not all is there yet! A successful connection does not mean that everything will work, we need to see what happens when we send some text. In order to do this click in the box next to "Text" where it says "L.C.D.C!!!!" then hit the button "Send selected" - if everything is okay, you should see "L.C.D.C!!!!" on your display. If the display is all jumbled then it is probably because the Com Speed is set wrong, so hit the "Back" button and change the settings, then try this operation again :) If nothing has been displayed on your screen then there is probably a connection problem to your display, check all your connections and power etc.

Now you know your display is working correctly, you can use LCDC to it's full potential. If you want to you can play around on this screen and send various commands to your display from the "Commands" list to your display, you can even create your own commands using the standard interpreted codes by LCDC e.g [##254] will be converted to character 254 and sent as a single character, using these codes you can do pretty much anything the display can!

When you done, use the "Back" option to return to the main configuration screen.