Registering LCDC

First of all, thank you for purchasing LCDC be it direct or as part of a bundle!

Please note if you got a code for LCDC within a Matrix Orbital kit, please follow the instructions that came with it to register ONLINE to produce your LCDC Key.

We have tried to make the registration process as simple as possible, and we do hope that it goes smoothly for you. In order to continue make sure you have the e-mail that was dispatched to you that has your "Registered Name" and "Key code in".

When you start LCDC unregistered you are shown a welcome screen thanking you for trying with a countdown before you can actually start investigating LCDC.

Welcome/About screen

From this screen armed with your email details, simply select the "Enter key" options to bring up the screen below.

Enter key dialouge

This screen is very straight forward, and from the registration e-mail you should of received simply copy the details stated for your "Registered name" and "Keycode" (only include the details within the quotes). This task can be automated,simply select the area of the e-mail that includes these two lines and copy them to the clipboard (right might and select copy or press ctrl-c) and the "Paste" button above will become availble when it sees valid information in the clipboard, then select "Paste" it to put the details in for you :-

For the e-mail sent to you, make sure you select the whole of the lines, then select "Paste" once it's active

When you select "Okay" it will verify the information and either refuse or accept it.

Lost your key, or key problem?

No problem, simply visit www.lcdc.cc/lostkey.php and enter the email address you registered with.. the codes genereated are only compatible with version 1.05.xx and beyond, it will not work with an older revision of LCDC. Also if you upgrade LCDC from an older version to a newer version (1.05.xx and beyond) you can use the LOST KEY function to generate a new key for yourself that is compatible.

Still having problems?

If after this you are still having problems please email Matthew@DPS.uk.com and I will try and help out personally.