STI - Seti@Home for LCDC

The Seti@Home plugin for LCDC allows you to see some basic details on the progress of you current Seti@Home work unit .The following has been implemented for integration into LCDC:

  • Variables
    • Current unit
      • Progress % as text
      • Progress % as bargraph
      • CPU time used
    • User info
      • Name
      • Data units completed
      • Total computer time
    • Online info (Data is taken from the XML sorce on the Berkeley servers)
      • User Info
        • Name
        • Number of results
        • CPU time
        • Average CPU time
        • Results per day
        • Last result time
        • Registered date
        • Usertime
      • Group info
        • Name
      • Rank info
        • Rank
        • Total users
        • Number at same rank
        • Top rank percentage
      • Certificate info
        • Cert
  • Events
    • Update local data
    • Update internet data
  • Actions
    • None available
  • Configuration
    • Basic setup screen.

      Allows you to setup four parameters :-
      • Version of Seti running:
        • Screen saver (default) : can detect when Seti is running or not
        • Command line : Always shows seti as running
      • Path to .SAH files : Point this the base SETI directory, it should be automatically set if you are using the screen saver version of Seti
      • E-Mail Address : Your registerd e-mail address with the Seti@Home servers
      • Update period : How often to poll the server for your online data (Rank etc.)


I'm running more than one Seti process, how do I monitor more than one?
Copy the STI.DLL file as ST2.DLL (or 3 etc.) then turn that on in the plugins screen, each one will be configurable with different paths etc. and each one will provide it's own variables.