SQT - Stock Quote Ticker plugin for LCDC

The SQT plugin for LCDC allows you to watch stoke quotes from all over the world. It's data is sourced from the latest figures available on the Yahoo! finance section, and will always be 15-20mins out of date. This plugin has the follwing implemented for integration into LCDC:

  • Variables
    • Dependant on the Stock Quotes selected
  • Events
    • None available
  • Actions
    • "Update quotes" : Manual override to allow you to get the newest availble quotes.
  • Configuration


None yet!


The configuration screen consists of three parts, the quote formats, dates and times, and the quotes to retrieve.

The first configuration screen allows you to turn on/off various the information to collate and show from the stock quotes retrieved. The order of these can be changed by simply dragging and dropping the lines into the order you want, and the tick in the box will mean that you want to see that piece of information. Selecting any line will show you the prefix that will be displayed infront of it, this can be changed to whatever you want, with some basic defaults one put in place for you. In the aboce example for the AMD stock the screen would read "Sy:AMD LV:13.69 CV:-0.11" where the Symbol item prefix=Sy" etc. This screen also alows you to set the interval at which it will update it's quotes from the web.

Obviously the markets are not open all the time, and this screen allows you to select which days you want this plugin enabled on and at what time to start monitoring and what time to finish monitoring. The start/stop times only apply to days where the box is ticked next to the actual day name.

The last screen allows you to define the stocks you would like to retrieve information for. You can define as many stocks as you would like, of course the more you have, the more delays you will add to LCDC while it downloaded this data. When you add or edit a line, there are three fields :-

  • Reference : A unique three character reference for the purpose of allowing you to select this quote within LCDC.
  • Market : Which market this stock code is applicable to.
  • Symbol : The symbol code for the stock, e.g. BAY.L in London = British Airways, DIS in USA = Walt Disney Co., 514000.DE in Frankfurt = DEUTSCHE BANK N etc.

Once you change any of these three fields you have to then save or cancle your cahnges using the tick/cross. To select these fields use the LCDC text defintion screen where when you expand the SQT you will see all your stocks that you entered available as codes.