RSS - Rich Site Summary plugin for LCDC

The RSS plugin for LCDC allows you to The following has been implemented for integration into LCDC:

  • Variables
    • Dependant on the feeds selected
  • Events
    • None available
  • Actions
    • "Update feeds" : Manual override to allow you to get the newest feeds.
  • Configuration


Do all sites have RSS feeds?
No, although this is becoming more an


Although the RSS plugin does not have many actions or events, it can contribute a lot of useful information to LCDC. The configuration screen allows you to define some basic paramters, and tells it which RSS feeds to process. The RSS plugin will download each feed selected it, and process out the top 5 (if 5 are availble) titles.

The options on the main screen are :-

  • Check every : How often you want this plugin to update the feeds selected.
  • Title separator : This is used to seperate the titles of the downloaded feed, for example the setup about would report back "Heading 1 | Heading 2 | Heading 3" etc... This may be set to anything, including the current LCDC scroll seperator or animated characters.
  • Selected : Shows you a list of all current availble feeds, and the feeds that are selected.

Whenever you change an option of feed, you will then have to save or cancel those changes.

The red lightning mark allows you to test a feed for compatability and speed, simply select the feed you want to test, and select this. You will be asked if you want to test the feed, to which you must respond Yes to continue. A screen will no been shown showing you the time taken to fetch the feed or an error code if applicable (-1=No connection, -2=Timout waiting for HTTP queue, -3=Feed fetch failed)

The last option is a pencil, for the more willing ths gives you basic editing of the feeds file, allowing you to add or remove feeds as you see fit. Any need feed lines must be correclty formatted or could cause funny errors! The format is :-

  • AAA:Bbb=Ccc : e.g. LC1:LCDC news feed!=http://www.lcdc.cc/news/lcdc.txt
    • AAA : Three character uppercase identifier
    • Bbb : Friendly name for this feed
    • Ccc : URL to feed which must include http:// (or whatever!)
At present the RSS conversion should cope with most feeds, but if you find a problem please let me know :)