MUL - Multimedia plugin for LCDC

The Multimedia plugin for LCDC allows you to control the volume and play sounds.The following has been implemented for integration into LCDC:

  • Variables
    • Volume
      • LTT - Volume level left % Text
      • LTB - Volume level left % bargraph
      • RTT - Volume level right % Text
      • RTB - Volume level right % Bargraph
    • Info
      • Driver version
      • Product
      • Manufacturer
  • Events
    • "On volume change" : This event is trigger when you change/mute the main volume level
  • Actions
    • "Volume Up 10%"
    • "Volume Up 25%"
    • "Volume Down 10%"
    • "Volume Down 25%"
    • "Play Sound" : Requires a parameter which point to to a wav file to play
    • "Mute" : Mutes the main volume
    • "Unmute" : unmutes the main volume
    • "Toggle mute" : Enables or diables the main volume mute.
    • "Load/Eject CD" : Does as the name implies, however it seems to be impossible to detect if the door is open or closed, so this is manually tracked. Therefore you may be required to hit the key (or whatever) twice in order to get this action syncronized.
  • Configuration
    • None available


How do I get a screen to popup when I change the volume?
Create a screen in LCDC to show the volume lever (or whatever you want), set the timeout on it to 1 sec and have it disabled (don't want to see this normally). Now setup an event using the "MUL->On volume change" and set the actions to "DSP->Momentary screen" selecting your volume screen.