MM5 - Motherboard monitor 5 plugin for LCDC

The MM5 plugin for LCDC is an interface to Alex van Kaam's superb Motherboard monitor 5 application (http://mbm.livewiredev.com) which is a tool that will display/report information from the sensor chip on your motherboard in your Windows system tray. The following has been implemented for integration into LCDC:

  • Variables
    • All 10 temperature names/values/high/Low and average reported back in the format MBM is set (C° or F°)
    • All 10 Fan names/values/high/low and averages
    • All 10 voltage names/values/high/Low and averages
    • MBM version information
    • SMB name
    • CPU count
    • CPU speed
    • CPU usage for up to 4 processors and %value and bargraph values (NB the CPU usage must be enabled in MBM for this to work, also note that the MBM update period will denote how quickly these figures get updated)
  • Events
    • "When Temperature "Gt Or Eq" : Selecting this event will then require two parameters, the first parameter is the temperature to monitor, and the second parameter is the threshold level that this even will be triggered at. Gt or Eq stands for "Greater or Equal", so this event will be triggered once the temperature reaches or passes this value. E.G. Parameter 2=50, therefore if the temp reported back=48 it would do nothing, but if it was 52 it would run this event.
    • "When Temperature "Lt" : This again requires two parameters, the first being the temperature to monitor, and the second the threshold level that it will be applied at. Lt stands for "Less than" so this event will be triggered when the temperature to be monitored is Less than parameter 2 (only triggered when it less than and NOT equal to)
  • Actions
    • None available.
  • Configuration
    • None, all setup takes place in MBM which is outside the scope of this documentation.


Can I use LCDC and the MM5 plugin to control my fan speed?
Yes, and No! If you have a Matrix Orbital 204-PC, then you are aware that this has High Power GPO's on it (12v) that are more than capable of turning fans on and off (In fact the GPO on that unit is mosfet based), in fact it is perfectly feasibly to use the GPO->Flash command to run the fans at about half power! If you have any other MO display then the GPO's have a standard 5v out so you can not connect directly to any 12v device, however with a couple of relays and a bit of work it is possible as well. As soon as I have a link to add here from someone who has done that I will post it here.

Is it possible to have the GPO's in three states depending on the temperature reported?
Yes, you can trick LCDC by setting up four events, however they do need to be in the right oreder as you are fooling the LCDC logic :)...

  • There will be two trigger temperatures, TT1 = low point then TT2 = high point and the temp to monitor TM1, so when for this example when the temp is below TT1 we will turn the GPO off, when it is between TT1 and TT2 it will flash the GPO and when it is above TT2 it will have the GPO on.
  • First event : MM5->"Gt or EQ" TM1 and TT1
  • Second event : MM5->"LT" TM1 and TT2
  • Third event : MM5->"LT" TM1 and TT1
  • Forth event : MM5->"GT or EQ" to TMA and TT2

Can I get LCDC to shutdown my system if it gets too hot?
In theroy yes, however that functionality is built into MBM so it would be better to use that one