HOT - Hotkeys plugin for LCDC

The HOT plugin for LCDC allows you to define any keyboard shortcut (providing it is available) to any action within LCDC.

  • Variables
    • None available
  • Events
    • On Hotkey : When you select this event, you will then be required to setup a parameter, which equates to the keyboard combination you want to use. For example click in the Parameter box and hit [CTRL-ALT-F12].
  • Actions
    • None available.
  • Configuration
    • Basic configuration that allows you to turn on/off the popup form and it's location.



When you configure the HOT plugin, you will see a small form like so:-

The first option allows you to turn on/off the popup screen when you hit a Hotkey (keyboard combination), and the second options specifies where you want it to show in relation to your screen. After making any changes you need to hit the Green Tick to save them, or use the red cross/close form to cancel any changes made.


None as of yet