Main Menu

The main menu screen is quite simplistic :-

The screen is split into two areas, the top section which has seven options and the information area at the bottom. The seven options are :-

  • Start/Stop display: This option has two states, down=Selected (Option is shaded and has a frame around it) or up (no shading of frame). When it is in the down position your display will be active, and other options like "Configure/Test" and "Screen builder" will not be available. When starting LCDC this option will automatically be set as per it's last state, for example if you are actively using your display and shut down windows, when you restart the display will automatically restart. If you stop the screen before closing LCDC then when you load it again, the program will not do anything.
  • Virtual display: This option also has two states like the "Start/Stop display" option. When this is selected there is a small "Virtual" display that you can seen on the screen that emulates what you see on your real display. As with the Start/Stop Display option, the status of the Virtual display is automatically remembered by LCDC.
  • Screen builder: This option takes you to the screen builder allows you to define screens to show on your display. It also allows you to setup events and actions as well.
  • Configure/Test: This option takes you to the "Configuration" screen where you can define basic parameters (like com port / speed etc.). You can also setup plugins and you mail accounts etc. from here too.
  • About LCDC: This option shows you a screen showing you the exact version and time/date build of the LCDC version you are running, it also has you registered user name and gives you the chance to register if it is not already.
  • Send to tool tray: Hides the main menu from view - this can also be accomplished by using the [X] in the top right of the screen. For more information on the tool tray icon, click [here]
  • Exit LCDC: This quits the application altogether rather than sending it to the tool tray.

The bottom section is split into three areas :-

  • Left side :-
    • 15 x Plugin icons: LCDC currently has the capability of have upto 15 plugins loaded, these plugins can do any number of things. For each plugin currently loaded you will have an icon, this icon can be in one of two states, enabled (in colour) or disabled (in grey), the statues will depend on how the plugin author write the plugin but in general the rule is Colour=Active and available / greyed out=Not active/Unavailable. Click for further details
  • Right side :-
    • Bottom :-
      • Version number: Shows you the version of LCDC you are running, click for further details.
    • Top :-
      • Left :-
        • World icon: Shows if you are connected to the Internet or not, if it is all grey then it means no connection found.
        • E-Mail icon: Shows the state of your e-mail, if you have any waiting mail then there will be two red arrows around this, if it is greyed out then either you have no mail accounts setup or it is currently getting the mail count information. Holding the mouse cursor over this will show you which accounts have mail, if applicable.
      • Right :-
        • Help icon: Bring up this help file!
        • DPS icon: Just my little company logo :)