• D1W: Dallas one wire
  • FPS: Frames per second
  • GPO: General purpose output, most MO displays have a number of GPO's on them. In most cases these will supply 5v which you can use to power LED's or circuits with. Some of the MO displays will supply 12v via the GPO giving you the option to turn on and off fans and other PC equipment if wanted.
  • LCD: Liquid Crystal Display
  • LCDC: Unknown! just sounded good (you know like AC DC!)
  • MO: Matrix Orbital
  • PID: Plug In Identification, this is normally 3 characters which represent the Plugin, for example MM5=Motherboard Monitor 5, WA2=Winamp2, MUL=Multimedia. There are also some built in options like DSP=Display, SYS=System and GPO=General purpose outputs
  • PWM: Pulse width modulation
  • RPM: Revolutions per minute
  • NTP: Network Time Protocol
  • VFD: Vacuum Florescent Display