Command selector

The command selector screen is used to select commands from yout definition file to send to the LCD/VFD screen.

The screen is split into two sides, all the commands availble for this definition file on the left and the commands selected to send on the right. To add a command, select from the list on the left, then hit the [+] icon. The order that you add these is the order the screen will process them (top first)! If you wish to remove an item, select it from the Commands selected list and hit the [-] icon. Once you are happy with you selection use the tick to accept, or to cancel out close the screen, or use the cross.

In order to prepare you screen to work correctly, it is advisable to use an "Sys->On Start" event with an action of "DSP->Process commands" which will allow you to select commands via this screen. You should send BacklightOn ClearDisplay AutolineWrapOn and CursorBlinkingBlockOff, and if you want at the end of the application ("Sys->On Finish") you can set the screen up for the next app.